Why Can’t I Access My Hotmail Account

If for some reason you can’t access your Hotmail account there may be a few reasons why. Each one of these reasons are easy to check and might help you to access your Hotmail account again. If you are having trouble with your Hotmail login or want to prevent problems in the future it is recommended that you go over these trouble shooting tips. This can save you a lot of time in the future. Some problems with accessing your Hotmail account are due to user settings. Other problems can be out of your control. You will learn how to diagnose and correct your Hotmail access problems. If you find yourself asking why can’t I access my Hotmail account, then this article is written for you.

computer guy asking why can't i access hotmail?

Most Common Reasons Why Can’t I Access My Hotmail Account

These are the most common reasons why people can not access their Hotmail account. See if any of these situations apply to you in the event you can not sign in to Hotmail.

Wrong Password

Make sure you are typing in the correct Hotmail password. Hotmail passwords are case sensitive. Make sure your caps lock button is in the right position to match your password. If you have tried entering your password a few times and are still unable to gain access, you will need to reset your Hotmail password.

incorrect password error message for hotmail and outlook

Wrong Username

Maybe you have forgot your username / email address. It is possible you could also be typing in a username for a different account. Double check to make sure the email address is associated with the Hotmail or outlook account you are trying to sign into. Microsoft will notify you if the account does not exist with an error message on the screen.

error message that says microsoft account does not exist

Internet Connection

If the actual Hotmail home page is not coming up, double check to see if you have an internet connection. You can test this by attempting to access different websites from the computer or device you are trying to access Hotmail from. If you are unable to access any websites at all then the issues is your internet connection.

internet connection down error message in firefox

Hotmail And Outlook Are Down

While this situation is extremely rare, on occasion web and email servers can go down. This can happen for a wide variety of different reasons. Hotmail servers, like all other email servers use electricity to run. If for some reason there is a power outage then they can stop working. Web and email servers can also go down due to being hacked or a hardware conflict. In the world of computing, anything can happen. Rest assured though, Hotmail servers are always running and are also backed up. If you think Hotmail might be down then all you can do is wait a little while while Microsoft irons out the issues.

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